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Build your profile and attract investors

Be an active member in your local startup community

Ucities connects you to the beating heart of the startup scene. It’s your direct connection to all that is startup and everything a startup needs.  Think of a digital city-wide co-working space that extends to every corner of startup land.

If you’re looking to hire great startup people, build your startup’s profile, attract investors and benefit from being an active member in your local startup community then stake your place in Ucities now and get connected. Its free!

Hang your shingle. Shout out-loud

It’s free to become a Ucities member so stake your claim and hang out your shingle. Your Ucities membership includes online tools to promote yourself (and your venture), update your followers, attract the right new hires even call for testers or look for floorspace.

Attract your kind of people

Startup life is different; it’s a concentrated form of entrepreneurship mixing vision and commitment with technology. Ucities connects founders, participants, supporters, promoters and aspirants. Your Ucities community is where your kind of people are. And they’re looking to connect with you too.

Get ready to scale

What’s better than the energy of a startup? The exhilaration of scaling! Savvy people bring their ideas, enthusiasm and connections to your network. Use the free recruitment/HR tools] to build your own community. Draw new talent from your community — they will already know your purpose and back your vision. 

Enjoy as-a-service, at your service

Ucities recruitment tools are free, but if you’re scaling faster than you can handle, help is always at hand. Ucities offers recruitment support in the as-a-service model; turn it on when you need it, scale it up or back as required. Easy Peasy and surprisingly economical too.

Get concentrated startup goodness

We get it; it’s the vibe, the startup edge; it’s not business-casual, it’s business-visionary! It’s your local community so make the most of it. Mount your own table-tennis grand slam challenge. Launch a hackathon or publicise a happy-hour pitch competition. You’ll find all the willing participants here.