How it works

Ucities Marketplace


The Ucities Marketplace is where you can post startup related on-line classifieds for free or at very low cost. As we are a community site, we have designated a number of categories we thought our members might find useful. These include:

Flatmates – for people working in startups and looking for accommodation with other startup people in their city.

Office Space – for startups with spare desks or office space to sub-lease or offer up for free or for those looking for the same.

Office Equipment – chairs, desks etc. for sale or free to a good home. If you don’t need it, why not pass it on?

Sidehustles – for people who are looking for potential colleagues or co-founders to work with them on their side project. Who knows, maybe this could become the next big thing?

Startup Marketplace – this is where service providers to startups can promote themselves to our community. This can be for startup accountants, lawyers, consultants, accelerators, investors and so on.

Startup vs Startup (always free to advertise) – this is where Startup’s can challenge other startups to compete with them. Think you have a strong table-tennis team? Why not prove it by throwing down the gauntlet and inviting challengers to your office for Friday drinks and a mini-tournament? If you want to stick to just the sport you can do that too – basketball, indoor soccer, paintball, chess, whatever. Set up an Event in the SOCIAL section (see EVENTS), then post your challenge here in Startup vs Startup where you invite challengers to register their attendance.


To post an advertisement on the Ucities Marketplace


Simply click “+ Create Listing” at the top right-hand corner of the page when you are in the Marketplace section of the Ucities website. Now choose the appropriate pricing plan and click “Next Step” at the bottom left of the screen. This will take you to the advertisement details page.

In the “Title” section type in something descriptive and catchy – eg. “Table Tennis Challenge – Friday 18th January!”

“Location” is where you are located, start typing and then select from the dropdown menu as appropriate.

Then tick the appropriate “Category”, eg “Startup vs Startup”.