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Connect to the beating heart of your local startup scene

Find great startup jobs, side hustles and/or co-founders

Network online or in person at local events


Network online and catch up for a brew. Whether it’s inspiration, job opportunities, flatmates, social events or collaboration, you’ll find it at Ucities, where startup people connect.

Check out who’s who in the startup zoo, follow your favourites and get updates and offers to suit.

Maybe you’ll get noticed too!

Catch up online or for real; it’s your city so do what suits.

Get Closer

Ucities connects you directly to your local startup scene. Check out the startups that interest you most, follow them for their updates and get an inside look into the beating heart of the startup ecosystem.

Connect online and in person

Ucities is the intranet for your city’s startup ecosystem, so you can connect with local startups and like-minded individuals online, on the move and in person. 

Find hidden treasure

You already know that many jobs are never advertised and that applies doubly in the startup scene. It’s all about knowing who’s doing what and when they need a hand. You’ll have the front running if you’re connected. Or maybe you’re the hidden treasure? On Ucities you’ll be found!

Get involved

Ucities is your local startup community. Explore new places and perspectives, make connections, have fun. It’s your local so make the most of it. Check to see which local café is offering the best “startup special”.  Get involved and cast your vote in the annual Ucities Awards for the Best Startup: Founder, CTO and best CMO.