About Ucities

Ucities is a social platform and marketplace dedicated to local startup ecosystems.  Our mission is to connect Startup People and to help build flourishing local startup communities both online and in person.  Supporting this mission is the strong belief that startups are the foundation and future of economic growth for everyone.

Ucities was founded by Luke Henningsen, Adam Radly and Virginia Henningsen in 2018.  Luke is a well-known serial recruitment entrepreneur and angel investor based in Melbourne Australia who operates in the Australian startup sector; Adam is an international tech entrepreneur, philanthropist, venture investor and philosopher and Virginia is an experienced Organisational Psychologist, HR Director and advisor on psychological assessment and organisational performance to top tier corporates, fast growth tech businesses and high-profile sporting organisations.  They founded Ucities to help develop the ‘connectedness’ and communication flow for startups when they came to the realisation that, as a community, startup ecosystems were not well-serviced by existing social networks.

To grow, startups need to hire great people, but they struggle to stand out on job boards, lack internal recruitment resources and can’t justify the expense of external recruiters. On the other side, prospective employees interested in startups struggle to stay informed about or to engage with promising startups. Ucities solves these problems:

  • Startups benefit from the profile of being co-located with other local startups (known as “the cluster effect”) so that people interested in startups (prospective employees, investors) are drawn to them.
  • Free and useful HR and recruitment tools enable cash-strapped founders to promote, update and attract followers and self-manage recruitment at no cost
  • Individuals and Startups use Ucities to genuinely engage with their local startup community – seeking work, flatmates, shared office spaces, startup-friendly cafes, side-hustles and so on.

Startup people are different – we tend to work in precincts with other startups and while we are competitive, we also support each other. We are both Informal and Hardworking and we tend to mix Social with Business and Philanthropy with Profit. Ucities is for us.

How did we come up with the name?  Well, it started off as “Unicorn Cities” with the thinking that every city should have the potential to create “Unicorn” businesses from their startup ecosystems. Unicorn Cities seemed a bit too long for the URL and so we shortened it to “Ucities.”

Ucities is a constant work in progress, and has been designed to be either free or low cost. Constructive feedback on how we can improve is very welcome.