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Ucities connects startup people in your city

Ucities is an online and IRL community dedicated to startups and people who want to work with and for startups. Ucities connects Founders with the local people and resources they need as their business grows.

How does it work?

If You're A Startup

  • Recruit the best startup talent for free (post a job ad, use the free tools to manage response)
  • Promote your news and take your place in the ecosystem
  • Use the Community Marketplace to Share/Find spare floorspace or office gear

If you are a PERSON

  • Get connected to your local startup scene – follow some startups
  • Find great startup jobs or a co-founder for your side-hustle and more
  • Network online or in-person at local events


Founders - here's 10 ways you can beat the odds and join the top 1% of startups selected for investment by Hatcher+ and its partners https://t.co/fYQzfu9Dmg. #InvestInAwesome

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