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Ucities connects startup people in your city

Ucities is an open community and marketplace for local startup ecosystems in every city. Our mission is to help build flourishing startup communities everywhere. JOIN (It’s free!)

How does it work?

If You're A Startup

  • Recruit the best startup talent for free (post a job ad, use the free tools to manage response)
  • Promote your news and take your place in the ecosystem
  • Use the Community Marketplace to Share/Find spare floorspace or office gear

If you are a PERSON

  • Get connected to your local startup scene – follow some startups
  • Find great startup jobs or a co-founder for your side-hustle and more
  • Network online or in-person at local events


In the next few years, we'll see more large communities moving off major social platforms where they originated + setting up their own independent properties, with built-in direct monetization models.
This is a fascinating example of the Passion Economy at work. Thread 👇

Clever growth tactic that I'm seeing: targeting B2B customers based on their job postings.

Selling SEO tools? Target companies hiring SEO specialists.

Selling legal ops tools? Target companies scaling their legal ops teams.

Good software can substitute for hiring more people.

The future of work in 3 stats:

• 70% of people work remotely one day per week

• 72% of people are willing to pay out of pocket for programs and services to advance their career

• 74% of people believe they aren't achieving their full potential at work


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